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Fall 2019 Wed Lincoln Park South TURF Men’s Competitive Flag Football – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsAverage TDs per gameWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Rushing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Defensive TDsWeek 4 Passing TDsWeek 4 Rushing TDsWeek 4 Receiving TDsWeek 4 Defensive TDsWeek 5 Passing TDsWeek 5 Receiving TDsWeek 6 Passing TDsWeek 6 Rushing TDsWeek 6 Receiving TDsWeek 6 Defensive TDs
Money TeamJeff Zabrin12601193.166666667233131312
Chicago Care BearsVincent Ngo11102142.3333333335321111
Favre Dollar FootlongsAdam Shiltz5100612211
Wolves of Marcey StJoe Geraldi300030.521
Money TeamAaron Melton002020.33333333311
Money TeamAndrew Hauser001010.1666666671
Money TeamAndrew Marks003030.5111
Wolves of Marcey StBrad Bleeker000110.1666666671
Money TeamBrett Weiss000000
Favre Dollar FootlongsCharles Hart000000
Favre Dollar FootlongsDevin Sloma001010.1666666671
Favre Dollar FootlongsEric Campbell-Woodruff000000
Favre Dollar FootlongsEric Manduley000000
Favre Dollar FootlongsIsaac Hamlin001010.1666666671
Wolves of Marcey StJack Grady000000
Money TeamJack Howell000000
Money TeamJordan Reisner003030.5111
Chicago Care BearsJosh001010.1666666671
Favre Dollar FootlongsJoshua Mauerman000000
Wolves of Marcey StKevin003030.521
Wolves of Marcey StKyle McRae000000
Chicago Care BearsLuke Cohen003030.5111
Money TeamMatt Tripicchio000000
Chicago Care BearsMike003030.521
Wolves of Marcey StNick Maggiore000000
Wolves of Marcey StPeter Schuette000000
Favre Dollar FootlongsRichie Foreman003030.512
Favre Dollar FootlongsRizwan Arastu000000
Chicago Care BearsRod004040.666666667121
Wolves of Marcey StRyan Priess000000
Money TeamSteve002020.3333333332
Money TeamThomas Kutschke000000
Money TeamTony003030.521

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