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Chicago Handshakes (1-0) vs. Lexy and the Leftovers (0-1) – Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Chicago Handshakes beat Lexy and the Leftovers 4-2 in this game. Even though they lost, Lexy and the Leftovers have plenty of time to practice their offensive skills before play-offs. The losing team still had notable players including Sergio Miranda, who kicked one goal for Lexy and the Leftovers. As for Lexy and the Leftovers next on the docket is INDY Team #2 (0-1-0) as they attempt to rebound. Shane kicked two goals to help get the group the victory. Chicago Handshakes will attempt to stay atop the Standings with another W in week 2.

INDY Team #3 (1-0) vs. INDY Team #2 (0-1) – Wednesday, December 4, 2019

In this match the teams competed in an absolute shoot-out, totaling 24 goals. Despite INDY Team #2’s impressive 5 goals, INDY Team #3 got the win with the other 19 goals. John Kelly was unstoppable and tallied 4 goals to guide the team’s offense. Even with a loss, INDY Team #2 has a significant amount of weeks to get better on the offensive end. The losing team still had notable players including Emma Gies, who kicked two goals for INDY Team #2. Exiting week 1, INDY Team #3 will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. This week INDY Team #3 will take on Peak6.   For INDY Team #2 they’ll move on to a game against Lexy and the Leftovers (0-1-0) as they look to come back from this one.

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