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Fall 2019 Sat Lincoln Park Turf Coed Rec 8 on 8 Outdoor Soccer – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal GoalsTotal Games as GoalieAverage Goals per gameWeek 1 GoalsWeek 1 Goal keeperWeek 2 GoalsWeek 2 Goal keeperWeek 3 GoalsWeek 3 Goal keeperWeek 4 GoalsWeek 4 Goal keeperWeek 5 GoalsWeek 5 Goal keeperWeek 6 GoalsWeek 6 Goal keeper
INDY Team #5Alejandro Arguello500.9113
Squad GoalsPaul Sanderude500.932
INDY Team #5Cliff Sakutukwa400.7112
Jimmy Savile's U10sAaron Hughes300.5111
Jimmy Savile's U10sJames H310.5GK21
Jimmy Savile's U10sKarim M300.521
Jimmy Savile's U10sTom300.521
INDY Team #5Chris Faxel200.42
La mano de DiosEmily Jorgens200.411
The TanglersErik Newman210.4GK2
INDY Team #5Jarrett Barker200.411
The TanglersJeff V200.411
Squad GoalsMatt Rufener200.42
The TanglersMichael Fergus200.42
Squad GoalsAdam Kuekel100.21
Squad GoalsAlexandra Ewing100.21
Dave and the GoaliathsAlfonso Chiong Li100.21
Dave and the GoaliathsBeau VandeWalle100.21
Squad GoalsBrian McGarvey100.21
Dave and the GoaliathsChris Antwi-Nsiah110.2GK1
INDY Team #5Emily Jorgens100.21
INDY Team #5Heidi Killinger100.21
Dave and the GoaliathsJasmin Khoo100.21
The TanglersJessica L100.21
La mano de DiosJessica Wasserman100.21
Jimmy Savile's U10sJuan100.21
Squad GoalsJuan100.21
Dave and the GoaliathsJulia Fredrickson100.21
La mano de DiosKevin Kennedy100.21
INDY Team #5Leonidas Vanegas100.21
Squad Goalsnathan joslin100.21
La mano de DiosPatrick Kennedy100.21
The TanglersScott Kramer100.21
Squad GoalsAaron Meyer050GKGKGKGKGK
La mano de DiosAdam Safer000
La mano de DiosAlex Albaugh000
Squad GoalsAlexandra Moulton000
La mano de DiosAlison Tanner000
The TanglersAudrey Eaton000
Squad GoalsBrianna Kunycky000
Squad GoalsBridget Turpin000
The TanglersChelsea Spitz000
Jimmy Savile's U10sChris Cogbill0101GK
Dave and the GoaliathsChristian Fleurent000
La mano de DiosDrew Page000
INDY Team #5Elliot Palabe000
La mano de DiosEllyn Gendler000
Dave and the GoaliathsEvan Farley030GKGKGK
The TanglersEvan Neuburger020GKGK
Squad GoalsGenevieve Bellon000
The TanglersGeoffrey Vasudevan000
INDY Team #5George Osuji030GKGKGK
INDY Team #5Iliana Avalos000
La mano de DiosIsaac Hamlin030GKGKGK
INDY Team #5Isaac Hamlin020GKGK
Dave and the GoaliathsJared Lyons000
Dave and the GoaliathsJay Nair000
La mano de DiosJohannes Widmalm-Delphonse010GK
Squad GoalsJulian Honowitz000
Jimmy Savile's U10sJustin Weaver030GKGKGK
Squad GoalsKale Ewing000
INDY Team #5Lucy Dunderman000
La mano de DiosMaria Domanskis000
Dave and the GoaliathsMary Weber000
La mano de DiosMatt Gold000
Dave and the GoaliathsMatthew Malicki000
Dave and the GoaliathsMelinda Vercollone020GKGK
INDY Team #5Rachel Hrobon000
INDY Team #5Rohaan Mehta000
La mano de DiosSam Welch000
La mano de DiosSarah Grant000
Dave and the GoaliathsSiddharth Bhaduri000
The TanglersTeresa Miller010GK
La mano de DiosTodd Gingrich000
The TanglersWilliam Bialas010GK
INDY Team #5Yangxi Liu000

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