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Fall 2019 Mon Lincoln Park South TURF Men’s Intermediate Flag Football – Player Stats

TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsAverage TDs per gameWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Rushing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 2 Defensive TDsWeek 3 Passing TDsWeek 3 Rushing TDsWeek 3 Receiving TDsWeek 3 DH Passing TDsWeek 3 DH Rushing TDsWeek 3 DH Receiving TDsWeek 3 DH Defensive TDs
Back Dat Pass UpChris Argianas10100113.6666666671136
INDY Team #3John Rodgers810093414
Block the BookieNate72009323121
River ShannonsWilliam Walker601182.66666666721212
Smokin Jay'sShawn3000313
Smokin Jay'sChris Montez100010.3333333331
River ShannonsDoug102031111
INDY Team #3Neven Babic10203112
Back Dat Pass UpAdam Corrado000000
thinkorthrowAlan Sawyer000000
Smokin Jay'sAlex011020.66666666711
INDY Team #3Alex Hartman001010.3333333331
INDY Team #3Andrew Sauter002020.66666666711
thinkorthrowAnthony Rojas000000
INDY Team #3Ben Gayda00303121
Smokin Jay'sBobby002020.66666666711
thinkorthrowBrian Holtrop000000
Block the BookieChain001010.3333333331
Back Dat Pass UpColin Krippinger001120.66666666711
Block the BookieCraig Collingwood000000
thinkorthrowDan Cebulak000000
thinkorthrowDaniel Fazekas000000
Smokin Jay'sDanny000110.3333333331
thinkorthrowDavid Kleber000000
thinkorthrowDavid Rizzio000000
thinkorthrowDawson Laney000000
Block the BookieElliot003031111
INDY Team #3Eric Kaszuba000000
thinkorthrowErnesto Macias000000
Delta1Gerrod Voigt000000
Back Dat Pass UpGrady Skeoch002020.66666666711
thinkorthrowGriffin Furlong000000
thinkorthrowJames Shipley000000
River ShannonsJim001010.3333333331
River ShannonsJoe Laughlin001010.3333333331
INDY Team #3Kevin Fazio000000
thinkorthrowKevin Jednachowski001010.51
INDY Team #3Kevin McDonnell001010.3333333331
Back Dat Pass UpKevin Welter001010.3333333331
River ShannonsMarc DiVerde002020.66666666711
Back Dat Pass UpMark Argianas002020.6666666672
thinkorthrowMark Fadden000000
INDY Team #3Michael Lally000000
thinkorthrowMichael Ledvora000000
INDY Team #3Nathan McGhee000000
Back Dat Pass UpNathaniel Moraton001010.3333333331
Block the BookieNick001010.3333333331
Back Dat Pass UpPJ Marsek00303112
thinkorthrowQuincy Butler000000
Back Dat Pass UpRyan Knopoff001010.3333333331
thinkorthrowScott Mosack000000
Block the BookieTony002020.66666666711
INDY Team #3Torry Rousseau000000
Smokin Jay'sTyler001010.3333333331

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