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TeamPlayerTotal Passing TDsTotal Rushing TDsTotal Receiving TDsTotal Defensive TDsTotal TDsAverage TDs per gameWeek 1 Passing TDsWeek 1 Rushing TDsWeek 1 Receiving TDsWeek 1 Defensive TDsWeek 2 Passing TDsWeek 2 Receiving TDsWeek 3 Passing TDsWeek 3 Rushing TDsWeek 3 Receiving TDsWeek 3 Defensive TDsWeek 4 Passing TDsWeek 4 Rushing TDsWeek 4 Receiving TDsWeek 4 Defensive TDsWeek 5 Passing TDsWeek 5 Receiving TDsWeek 5 Defensive TDsWeek 5 DH Passing TDsWeek 5 DH Rushing TDsWeek 5 DH Receiving TDsWeek 6 Passing TDsWeek 6 Receiving TDsWeek 7 Passing TDsWeek 7 Rushing TDsWeek 7 Receiving TDsWeek 7 Defensive TDsWeek 7 DH Passing TDsWeek 7 DH Rushing TDsWeek 7 DH Receiving TDsWeek 8 Passing TDsWeek 8 Receiving TDs
RSM ChicagoBrett25410303.753122141653
Spark FoundryCooper Powell14020161.777777778233422
INDY Team #6Carly Callans13000132.1666666674432
Spark FoundryChristine Puchalski7110911341
INDY Team #6Kaiser Shah700071.1666666677
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Rachel Zwiener500050.7142857145
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Charlie Bolton400040.57142857131
GenslerAbe Salman311050.6251211
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Andrew Ingraham313181.142857143113111
Back that pass up (Stark)Dorian Sosa311050.714285714311
INDY Team #6Karly301040.66666666731
Spark FoundryMadeline Clauff300030.3333333333
Back that pass up (Stark)Nick301040.57142857113
GenslerDanele Spoden222060.7511121
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Marty Balow210030.42857142921
Spark FoundrySam Hollon204060.66666666711121
Back that pass up (Stark)Anthony Khairallah101020.28571428611
Spark FoundryBaker Leyman105060.6666666672211
Back that pass up (Stark)David100010.1428571431
RSM ChicagoKelsey102030.375111
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Neal Deim100010.1428571431
GenslerPaul B101130.375111
Back that pass up (Stark)Phillip Scott111030.428571429111
RSM ChicagoTaylor100010.1251
RSM ChicagoAdam000110.1251
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Amanda Zaverdas000000
Spark FoundryAndy Hyde000000
Spark FoundryAshley Austin012030.333333333111
Spark FoundryBarker000000
Spark FoundryBenjamin Krout002020.22222222211
RSM ChicagoBill Golaris000000
Spark FoundryBrendan Berry000000
Spark FoundryBrian Timmreck001010.1111111111
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Bridget Thomson001010.1428571431
Spark FoundryCara Corroto000000
RSM ChicagoColin Gogoel003140.5111
Spark FoundryColin O'Brien001010.1111111111
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Collin Gill00437111212
Back that pass up (Stark)Courtney Christensen000110.1428571431
Spark FoundryDylan Rossi000000
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Elizabeth Soudan000000
INDY Team #6Eman005050.8333333331112
INDY Team #6Emily Fisher001010.1666666671
INDY Team #6Erica Abdnour000000
RSM ChicagoErin Herschelman000000
INDY Team #6fabian camarena001010.1666666671
INDY Team #6Jack DiSanto000000
Spark FoundryJamie McConnell000000
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Jamie Studenroth003030.42857142921
INDY Team #6Jeff Kopf003030.521
Back that pass up (Stark)John Baker000000
Spark FoundryJonathan Barry000000
RSM ChicagoJose Martinez004040.5112
Spark FoundryKarly001010.1111111111
Back that pass up (Stark)Kleber Sarah000000
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Kurt R001120.28571428611
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Kurt Roemer Jr.002020.2857142862
RSM ChicagoKyle Smart000000
INDY Team #6Lan Tran002020.33333333311
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Lauren Hendry000000
Back that pass up (Stark)Lauren Stark003030.42857142921
Spark FoundryMaggie000000
RSM ChicagoMarcel Wallace001120.2511
RSM ChicagoMark Waldron002020.2511
RSM ChicagoMary002020.2511
Spark FoundryMatt Lemming004040.444444444112
RSM ChicagoMatt Schaefer000000
Spark FoundryMatthew Burdick000000
INDY Team #6Meraj Alavi002020.3333333332
Back that pass up (Studenroth)Michael Baddeloo001010.1428571431
Spark FoundryMike002020.22222222211
Spark FoundryMorgan Schrage001010.1111111111
GenslerMustapha Williams021030.375111
Back that pass up (Stark)nicole czapek001010.1428571431
INDY Team #6Patrick Terwedo003030.5111
RSM ChicagoPatrick Wilson000000
Genslerpaul kim001010.1251
GenslerRiley Wypiszenski000000
GenslerSam Davison000000
RSM ChicagoSam G009091.12521321
Spark FoundrySam Karp000000
RSM ChicagoSeth005050.6251121
INDY Team #6Seth Roy000000
INDY Team #6Stephanie Mellinger000000
Spark FoundryTyler Deitz000000
INDY Team #6Wyatt Schuster000000
Back that pass up (Stark)Zack Z001010.1428571431

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