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INDY Team #4 (0-0-1) vs. INDY Team #9 (0-0-1) – Monday, September 16, 2019

INDY Team #4 and INDY Team #9 took part in a draw and concluded all tied up at 2-2. INDY Team #4 used their 2 goals scored in this game to boost their total goals this season to 2. Nicholas Lelopoulos and Alon Nachshon kicked one goal to help gain the group the victory. Exiting week 1, INDY Team #4 looks ahead to Legendz (1-0-0) who are next on the calendar. This is INDY Team #9’s first tie this season and it was their best offensive performance yet. In the tie, Neil Fitch and Jordan O’Brien both scored one goal for INDY Team #9. For INDY Team #9 next they take on Mellow Yellow Cards (0-1-0).

Man Chest Hair United (1-0) vs. Lurie Childrens (0-1) – Monday, September 16, 2019

Man Chest Hair United were incredible on both sides of the pitch against Lurie Childrens with a final score of 8-0. It’s only week one, and Lurie Childrens has tons of time to get better on the offensive end. As for Lurie Childrens they’ll move on to a date with Torts Illustrated (1-0-0) as they attempt to rebound. Nicole Zoghby racked up a hat trick to spearhead the club’s offense, while the five-headed monster of Kylie Koenig, Taylor Dewitt, Ethan Zemmin, Roxanne Glasser, and Franco R. YEA ASHRAE (1-0-0) are next on the schedule for Man Chest Hair United, as they look to keep up the momentum.

Torts Illustrated (1-0) vs. Mellow Yellow Cards (0-1) – Monday, September 16, 2019

Torts Illustrated beat Mellow Yellow Cards 8-1 in this game. Even though they lost, Mellow Yellow Cards has a ton of games to get better on the offensive side of the ball. Jonathan Jaggard scored the only goal for Mellow Yellow Cards to get their team on the board. As for Mellow Yellow Cards next on the docket is INDY Team #9 (0-0-1) as they strive to rebound. Mick Cohen-Carrol, Reilly Frye, and Seth Todd each kicked two goals to lead the team’s offense. The other two goals came from Bernando Lopez and Matthew Hall. Exiting week 1, Torts Illustrated will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. Lurie Childrens (0-1-0) are next on the schedule for them.

Legendz (1-0) vs. Give-and-Go Get a Beer (0-1) – Monday, September 16, 2019

Legendz and Give-and-Go Get a Beer were extremely evenly matched in this one up to the last minute with a final score of 3-2. The season is still young and Give-and-Go Get a Beer has significant amounts of games to improve on offense. The losing team still had notable players including Annie Starykowicz and Ben Madden, who both kicked one goal for Give-and-Go Get a Beer. As for Give-and-Go Get a Beer next up is a game against Lurie Children’s 2 (0-1-0) as they attempt to get to the win column. Reid Olsen, Luke Van Engen, and Eoin Kirwan each fired one goal to provide some scoring. Exiting week 1, Legendz will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. This week Legendz will play INDY Team #4 (0-0-1).

YEA ASHRAE (1-0) vs. Lurie Children’s 2 (0-1) – Monday, September 16, 2019

YEA ASHRAE were amazing in this shut out against Lurie Children’s 2 with a final score of 7-0. Kevin and Hanadi Salamah both contributed to the final score with 2 and 1 goals respectively. The other four goals came from Kioll, Nick, Daniele, and Aron. The team’s goalie stone-walled Lurie Children’s 2, earning a shutout for their record. The season is still young, and Lurie Children’s 2 has plenty of games to go back to the drawing board on offense. Exiting week 1, YEA ASHRAE will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. This week YEA ASHRAE will line-up against Man Chest Hair United (1-0-0).   For Lurie Children’s 2 they will have a showdown with Give-and-Go Get a Beer (0-1-0) as they try to bounce back.

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