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Fall 2018 Wednesday Foster 8v8 Soccer – Week 7 (Play-offs)

Los Temerarios (7-0) vs. INDY Team #2 (1-6) – Wednesday, October 31, and 2018

In this Semi-final game, the #1 seed, Los Temerarios, played the #4 seed, INDY Team #2. The last time these two teams met in week 1, Los Temerarios won 3-0. This time around, the results weren’t much different.  Meilin is the goalkeeper credited with the shutout for Los Temerarios. Helping on the offense, Ruben Flores, Miguel Ortiz, Carlos Cabrera, and Rosa were among those who scored in this playoff win for Los Temerarios. INDY Team #2 struggled to get it going in this one and failed to make it onto the scoreboard. They dominated in the regular season, and it’s no surprise Los Temerarios advanced to the Championship game. Read the recap below to find out how they did. INDY Team #2 had a hard run this season and they will not be advancing to the next round of playoffs.


We Know How To Score (4-3) vs. Da Sleeping Bears (2-5) – Wednesday, October 31, and 2018

It was an exciting Semi-final match, in which the #2 seed, We Know How To Score, squeaked by with a 1-point win against the #3 seed, Da Sleeping Bears. Da Sleeping Bears were unable to get rolling on offense in this game, scoring less than their average of 1.6 GPG this season. Alex Clesen scored the only goal for Da Sleeping Bears to get their team on the board. Josh Elder did all the scoring for We Know How To Score in this game, including the game-winning goal. Unfortunately for Da Sleeping Bears, this loss means the end of their season. The exciting win for We Know How To Score advanced them to the championship game. Read the Championship recap below to see how they finished.


Los Temerarios (7-0) vs. We Know How To Score (4-3) – Wednesday, October 31, and 2018

It was a Championship Game written for the movies. The #1 team, Los Temerarios played the #2 team, We Know How To Score for the prestigious long-sleeve shirts forever capturing the moment of glory. We Know How To Score couldn’t string together the plays they needed for a win. The losing team still had notable players including Tim H, who netted the only foal for We Know How To Score. Being one of the top two teams, We Know How To Score was optimistic heading into the championship match, so this loss is a tough one. But they definitely have what it takes to win and we expect to see them doing well again next season. In the win, Ruben Flores, Carlos, Miguel, Ivan, Juan, and Josue were among those who scored in this playoff win for Los Temerarios. With an undefeated season and a blowout championship win, Los Temerarios may want to consider a more competitive league for next season. But whichever Chicago Sport and Social Club league they decide to play in, they’re going to be a tough match for any opponent. Congratulations on your victory!