Fall 2018 Tuesday CIBC Coed Rec Soccer – Week 4

INDY Team #12 (2-0-1) vs. INDY Team #6 (2-1-1) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

INDY Team #12 blanked INDY Team #6 with a final score of just 1-0. INDY Team #12 really showed some toughness in this one, prevailing, despite scoring less than their avg. GPG of 1.7.  The club’s goalie Sean Fahy is credited with the shutout. To spearhead the club’s attack, Nick Stuedemann made one goal. INDY Team #12 will seek to remain unblemished next Tuesday with a pairing versus BMcD (2-1-1).  This is INDY Team #6’s first loss of the season. Next up for INDY Team #6 is a match-up versus Beercelona (2-0-3), as they look to rebound.


Double Credenza FC (2-2) vs. The Ball Handlers (0-4) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

Double Credenza FC and The Ball Handlers took part a close one up to the last minute with a final score of 4-3. This is the second week in a row Double Credenza FC took home the win. Dave netted two goals, and Kevin Jack and Zach netted one goal each to help get the team the W. Next up for Double Credenza FC is a match-up against Chubby Alonsos (2-0-2). The Ball Handlers really brought their best on defense despite losing, surrendering less than their average of 4.8 GAPG for the season. The losing team still had notable players including Tosh and AJ, who tallied two and one goal respectively for The Ball Handlers.  Next week, The Ball Handlers will try to break their winless streak against PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE (0-3-1).


Kick in a Box (0-2-2) vs. Chubby Alonsos (2-0-2) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

In an unexpected outcome, the 9th place ranked team, Kick in a Box, tied the favored Chubby Alonsos (currently ranked 2nd) with a final score of 1-1. This is Chubby Alonsos’s second tie this season and they’re currently sitting in second place in the standings. Arnaud Kandissounon was the star player for Chubby Alonsos this week. They scored the only goal for their team. This win for the Kick in a Box came as a surprise considering it’s week 4 and they have only scored less than a handful goals. For Chubby Alonsos they will go toe to toe with Double Credenza FC (2-2-0). Exiting week 4, Kick in a Box looks ahead to SALT United (1-3-0) who are next on the calendar.


GCM Grosvenor (3-1) vs. PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE (0-3-1) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

In this match, GCM Grosvenor beat PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE 8-1. GCM Grosvenor is havinging a phenomenal offensive season. They’re averaging 6 goals per game. Daniel Jasper and Mary kicked two goals each, and Thomas Walsh, Lilly, Joe, and Alan R kicked one goal each to help earn the team the win. JLL Soccer (2-1-1) are next up on the schedule for GCM Grosvenor, as they look to keep it going.  It’s week 4 and PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE have only scored a total of 1 goal all season. Katherine Waldeck scored the only goal for PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE to prevent the shut out. PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE tries to get on the board with a win on Tuesday with a match-up against The Ball Handlers (0-4-0).


Beercelona (2-0-3) vs. SALT United (1-3) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

Beercelona beat SALT United 5-1 in this game. First shout-out goes to Connor Welby of Beercelona who now has the most goals in the league with 6 goals. Connor Welby lasered in two goals to help earn the squad the win. Also providing some scoring for Beercelona was Nick Braund, Clint Ullrich, and Andres Aroas with one goal each. SALT United didn’t have their best stuff on offense in this one, scoring fewer than their average of 2.0 goals per game this season. Alexander Nicholas scored the only goal for SALT United to save his team from embarrassment. On Tuesday, Beercelona takes on INDY Team #6 (2-1-1) in an attempt to stay unbeaten. Next up for SALT United is a battle against Kick in a Box (0-2-2), as they attempt to bounce back.


BMcD (2-1-1) vs. JLL Soccer (2-1-1) – Tuesday, December 18, and 2018

The win for BMcD was earned without a drop of sweat since JLL Soccer forfeited. This forfeit was JLL Soccer’s first loss of the season.  GCM Grosvenor (3-1-0) is next up on the docket for JLL Soccer, as they try to bounce back. This win is the second in a row for BMcD, and it bumps them to 5th place in the standings. INDY Team #12 (2-0-1) are next up on the schedule for BMcD, as they look to keep it going.