Fall 2018 Thursday Sheridan Soccer – Week 5

RU Ballsy (2-1-1) vs. Sheffield Thursday F.C. (1-1-2) – Thursday, October 18, and 2018

Earlier in the season, these teams tied, but RU Ballsy grabbed a 2-1 win against Sheffield Thursday F.C. in this rematch.  RU Ballsy is heating up with two wins in a row. Jordan Caffe and Jaijeet Toor both netted one goal to help get the crew the W. This is Sheffield Thursday F.C.’s first loss of the season. Will scored the only goal for Sheffield Thursday F.C. to get their team on the board. Next up for RU Ballsy is a showdown against Dyga is Goalie (1-2-1). Next up for Sheffield Thursday F.C. is a battle against Cheeky Monkey (1-1-2), as they look to get into the winner’s circle.


Cheeky Monkey (1-1-2) vs. Dyga is Goalie (1-2-1) – Thursday, October 18, and 2018

They feared they might go through the whole season without a win, but Cheeky Monkey defeated Dyga is Goalie 1-0 in this week’s match-up. Dyga is Goalie didn’t have their best stuff in terms of scoring in this game and suffered a loss.  Next up for Dyga is Goalie is a match-up against RU Ballsy (2-1-1), as they attempt to rebound. This win for the Cheeky Monkey came as a bit of a surprise considering it’s week 5 and they have only scored a total of 3 goals. Their goalkeeper Kevin Beglian deserves much of the credit after earning a clean sheet. To guide the club’s attack, Jonny Bates kicked one goal. Sheffield Thursday F.C. (1-1-2) are next up on the calendar for Cheeky Monkey, as they look to keep it going.