Fall 2018 Thursday Montrose Coed Rec/Int Soccer – Week 1

Grass Kickers (1-0) vs. ABCDE FC Dyslexia United (0-1) – Thursday, October 04, and 2018

Grass Kickers played well here and blanked ABCDE FC Dyslexia United with a final score of 3-0. Grass Kickers’ goalie Bobby Glassgow stone-walled their opponents. Elle Wilson, Kat and Nicholas Pellegrino all scored one goal each to provide some scoring.  Exiting week 1, Grass Kickers will look ahead to keep their early season momentum. New Team Who Dis (0-1-0) are next on the calendar for Grass Kickers.  It’s only week one, and ABCDE FC Dyslexia United has much time to get better on the offensive side of the ball.  For ABCDE FC Dyslexia United they will have a contest with Kiss My Pass (1-0-0) as they attempt to come back from this one.


Kiss My Pass (1-0) vs. Hot Messi (0-1) – Thursday, October 04, and 2018

In this match, Kiss My Pass beat Hot Messi 3-1. Even they lost, Hot Messi still has time to prove themselves on offense this season. Lukas Keapproth scored the only goal for Hot Messi. For Hot Messi next on the docket is Internazionale Chicago (1-0-0) as they attempt to rebound. Daniel Waller kicked two goals, and Corey Kuehl kicked one goal to steer the club’s attack.  Next week Kiss My Pass will take on ABCDE FC Dyslexia United (0-1-0), as they go for another W.


Not So Indy (1-0-1) vs. New Team Who Dis (0-1) – Thursday, October 04, and 2018

Not So Indy defeated New Team Who Dis with a final score of just 1-0. This was one of two games for Not So Indy this week. This was the better played match. Their goalies Nick Page and John McDonough played very well in the clean sheet. Evan Hermans had one goal.  For Not So Indy, every contest is a critical chance to get cruisin’ as the season gets going. Next week Not So Indy will compete with Pup N Suds (0-1-0).  Despite losing, New Team Who Dis has the whole season to practice their offensive skills before play-offs.  As for New Team Who Dis they’ll move on to a battle against Grass Kickers (1-0-0) as they look to get to the win column.


Internazionale Chicago (1-0) vs. Pup N Suds (0-1) – Thursday, October 04, and 2018

Internazionale Chicago played incredible on both sides of the pitch against Pup N Suds with a final score of 4-0. The team’s goalie Bill Fiedler stone-walled Pup N Suds, earning a shutout for their record. To help get the group the W, Brett, Pat Mullane, and Bill Fiedler both contributed to the final score with 2, 1, and 1 goals respectively. Even thought they lost, Pup N Suds has plenty of weeks to pick it up on the offensive end.  For Internazionale Chicago, each contest is a crucial opportunity for them to gather wins early on. Next up is a showdown with Hot Messi (0-1-0).   As for Pup N Suds they’ll move on to a contest with Not So Indy (1-0-1) as they try to bounce back.


Tzatziki Fuego (0-0-1) vs. Not So Indy (1-0-1) – Thursday, October 04, and 2018

Tzatziki Fuego and Not So Indy were very even in this one and finished all tied at 2-2. For Tzatziki Fuego, P. Papad kicked two goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. Not So Indy had two games this week. Perhaps on a night they only had one game, they could have won. In the tie, Evan Hermans and Raquel T accounted for one goal each for Not So Indy.  For Not So Indy next up is Pup N Suds (0-1-0).