Fall 2018 Monday Montrose Men’s Soccer – Week 8

Thai Chicago FC (6-1-1) vs. 4-5 (0-7) – Monday, November 5, and 2018

In this Semi-final game, the #1 seed, Thai Chicago FC, took on the #4 seed, 4-5. 4-5 struggled to get it going on offense in this one, and suffered a shutout. 4-5 is done with playoffs, which means it’s time for a team meeting at the bar to regroup for next season. Helping on the offense, Niro and Angkool both scored in this playoff win for Thai Chicago FC. The win for Thai Chicago FC advances them to the championship game where they’ll take on the #3 seed, INDY Team #3.


INDY Team #3 (4-3-1) vs. Rolling Boilers (5-4) – Monday, November 5, and 2018

It was an exciting Semi-final match-up, in which the #3 seed, INDY Team #3, squeaked by with a 1-point win against the #2 seed, Rolling Boilers. They’re on fire! Brice Griffin and Anas both scored in this playoff win for INDY Team #3, putting one shot each past the Rolling Boilers goalkeeper. Rolling Boilers really were unable to get rolling on offense in this one, scoring fewer than their average of 1.4 goals per game this year. Frankie Lynch scored the only goal for Rolling Boilers to get his team on the board. INDY Team #3 is advancing to the championship game. They have a tough match ahead of them when they take on the #1 ranked team, Thai Chicago FC. On the bright side for Rolling Boilers, this loss means they can save their legs and recharge for next season.