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Fall 2018 Monday Lincoln Park TURF 8v8 Soccer- Week 3

Bayside Tigers (2-0-2) vs. INDY Team #2 (0-2-1) – Monday, November 5, and 2018

Earlier in the season, these teams tied, but Bayside Tigers grabbed a 4-1 win against INDY Team #2 in this rematch.  INDY Team #2 was unable to stop anything in this game, surrendering more goals than their average of 2.0 goals against per game for the season. Luke Vanosdol scored the only goal for INDY Team #2 to save his team from embarrassment.  Next Monday, INDY Team #2 faces off against That Red Card Life (2-0-1) in an attempt to put a 1 in the win column. First shout-out goes to Gurdeep Nagi of Bayside Tigers who now is in the lead for scoring for his team with 4 goals. Gurdeep Nagi earned a hat trick with four goals to help gain the crew the win. Next Monday, Bayside Tigers battle against Renaldo’s Real Statue (0-2-0) in an attempt to remain perfect.


That Red Card Life (2-0-1) vs. Renaldo’s Real Statue (0-2) – Monday, November 5, and 2018

That Red Card Life and Renaldo’s Real Statue competed in a Game where the defenses dominated, totaling three goals. That Red Card Life took home the 2-1 victory. Simon Lockwood-Bean of That Red Card Life is MVP and now has the most goals on his team with a whopping 4 goals! Simon Lockwood-Bean and Kourtney both kicked one goal to steer the team’s offense. This heartbreaking loss comes when Renaldo’s Real Statue scored their personal best of the season. Nan scored the only goal for Renaldo’s Real Statue to save their team from embarrassment. Next Monday, That Red Card Life battles against INDY Team #2 (0-2-1) in an attempt to stay unbeaten. Next game, Renaldo’s Real Statue will try to get on the board with a win against Bayside Tigers (2-0-2).