Fall 2018 Monday Lincoln Park TURD Coed Rec Soccer – Week 6

Renaldo’s Real Statue (2-2-1) vs. That Red Card Life (3-2-1) – Monday, December 03, and 2018

The #2 seed, That Red Card Life, forfeited to the #3 seed, Renaldo’s Real Statue in this Semi-Final game. The semi-final win for Renaldo’s Real Statue advanced them to the championship game. Read the Championship recap below to see how they finished. That Red Card Life is done for the season and we hope to see them return for the start of the new league coming up soon.


Bayside Tigers (4-0-3) vs. INDY Team #2 (0-5-1) – Monday, December 03, and 2018

In this semi-final game, the #1 seed, Bayside Tigers, took on the #4 seed, INDY Team #2. Karan Shetty is the goalkeeper credited with the shutout for Bayside Tigers. Helping on the offense, Selena Sacchetti, Nick Stuedemann, Don Perry, and Gurdeep Nagi were among those who scored in this playoff win for Bayside Tigers. They dominated in the regular season, and it’s no surprise Bayside Tigers advanced to the Championship game. Read the recap below to find out how they did. INDY Team #2 didn’t have their best stuff in this one,and couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. Hopefully the loss doesn’t haunt INDY Team #2 too much. There’s always next season.


Bayside Tigers (4-0-3) vs. Renaldo’s Real Statue (2-2-1) – Monday, December 03, and 2018

The #3 seed, Renaldo’s Real Statue, forfeited to the #1 seed, Bayside Tigers. We hope to see them back next season for another chance at the title. With an undefeated season and a blowout championship win, Bayside Tigers may want to consider a more competitive league for next season. But whichever Chicago Sport and Social Club league they decide to play in, they’re going to be a tough match for any opponent. Congratulations on your victory!