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Fall 2018 Monday CIBC Coed Intermediate Soccer – Week 7 (Playoffs)

Kick in a Box (6-0-1) vs. That Red Card Life (0-7) – Monday, January 21, 2019

In this quarter-final game, the #1 seed, Kick in a Box, took on the #8 seed, That Red Card Life and won 5-1. That Red Card Life was unable to stop anything in this game, giving up more goals than their average of 3.4 goals against per game this year. Simon Lockwood-Bean scored the only goal for That Red Card Life to get his team on the board. Hopefully the loss doesn’t haunt That Red Card Life too much. There’s always next season. This win is the second in a row for Kick in a Box. Sam Meyer leads Kick in a Box this season in scoring and added 3 goals to their stats this week bringing Sam Meyer’s personal total to 6.  Also providing some scoring were Casey Yott and Adnrew D. Kick in a Box advances to semi-finals where they’ll take on the #5 ranked team, Mandatory Pitchers. These two teams have history. They matched up in week 3 with Kick in a Box emerging as the victor 7-4.


Avocado Discoballs (5-2) vs. MVW FC (2-5-1) – Monday, January 21, 2019

No one expected this quarter-final games to be such a close one. Avocado Discoballs, the #2 seed just squeaked by in this 1-point game to beat the #7 seed, MVW FC, 2-1. MVW FC really struggled to get it going on the offensive end in this one, scoring fewer than their average of 1.6 GPG for the year. Daniel Landon scored the only goal for MVW FC to prevent the shut out. Allison Kappeyne and Eryka Hawkins were the two who scored in this playoff win for Avocado Discoballs, putting one shot each past the MVW FC goalkeeper, Elliot Schulz. MVW FC’s loss means they are done in this single-elimination playoff schedule.  The win for Avocado Discoballs means a ticket to semi-finals. They’re scheduled to play the #3 seed, Spoons Deux. Whichever team emerges as the winner will advance to the championship game.


Spoons Deux (4-2-1) vs. Suck My Kick (3-4) – Monday, January 21, 2019

It was an exciting quarter-final match-up, in which the #3 seed, Spoons Deux, squeaked by with a 1-point win against the #6 seed, Suck My Kick, 7-6. Spoons Deux seems to have found their groove and have won two games in a row. Cary Lucibello leads Spoons Deux this season in scoring and added 3 goals to their stats this week bringing Cary Lucibello’s personal total to 7. Jacob Fishstrom and Liz Urban also scored two goals each for Spoons Deaux this week. Despite losing, Suck My Kick had a great offensive season, with a total of 25 goals. The losing team still had notable players including Steven Pruim, who kicked five goals and Mike Djukic, who kicked one goal for Suck My Kick. This week’s win advances Spoons Deux to semi-finals. They’ll face the #2 seed, Avocado Discoballs and the winner will move on to the championship match. Unfortunately for Suck My Kick, this loss means the end of their season.


Mandatory Pitchers (4-4) vs. Game of Throw In (3-3-1) – Monday, January 21, 2019

The 4th place vs 5th place game is always one of the most exciting matches of the playoff bracket. With a final score of 1-0, Mandatory Pitchers grabbed this W against Game of Throw In. The last time these two teams met in week 4, Game of Throw In won 3-0. Unfortunately, Game of Throw In struggled to get it going in this one, and came short of making it onto the scoreboard. Hopefully the loss doesn’t haunt Game of Throw In too much. There’s always next season.  The two MVPs in this close match were the goalkeeper for Mandatory Pitchers, Angel Fernandez, who had a shutout, and Erik Noriega who scored the only goal of the game. This week’s win advances Mandatory Pitchers to semi-finals. They’ll face the #1 ranked team, Kick in a Box in a rematch. Last time they played each other Kick in a Box won 7-4.