Fall 2018 Monday CIBC Coed Int Soccer – Week 5

MVW FC (1-4-1) vs. Spoons Deux (2-2-1) – Monday, January 07, and 2019

MVW FC and Spoons Deux played an evenly matched game that resulted in a 3-3 tie. This game featured scoring by a husband and wife duo. Lynn Clementi-Hicks scored MVF FC’s first goal and Bert Hicks scored the team’s equalizing 3rd goal. For both players, this ended a long scoring drought. Greg Berns-Leone tallied one of the goals for Spoons Deux. This is Spoons Deux’s first tie this season and they’re currently sitting in fourth place in the standings. For Spoons Deux coming up next on the calendar is Mandatory Pitchers (3-3-0). MVW FC used their 3 goals scored in this game to boost their total goals this season to 8. Exiting week 5, MVW FC will look ahead to Suck My Kick (3-2-0) who are next on the calendar.


Avocado Discoballs (4-1) vs. Mandatory Pitchers (3-3) – Monday, January 07, and 2019

Avocado Discoballs and Mandatory Pitchers competed in a low scoring affair, combining for three goals. Avocado Discoballs took home the 2-1 victory. This win is the second in a row for Avocado Discoballs and it bumps them to 2nd place in the standings. Alex Krichnkov and Ben Ritter kicked one goal each to provide some scoring. Despite the loss, Mandatory Pitchers has been doing great on offense for the season, with a total of 21 goals. Sergio Noriega scored the only goal for Mandatory Pitchers to prevent the shut out. Next up for Avocado Discoballs is a throwdown against Kick in a Box (4-0-1). Next up for Mandatory Pitchers is a match-up against Spoons Deux (2-2-1), as they look to rebound.


Suck My Kick (3-2) vs. That Red Card Life (0-5) – Monday, January 07, and 2019

In this match, Suck My Kick beat That Red Card Life 4-1. That Red Card Life struggled to get it going on offense in this one, scoring less than their average of 1.2 GPG for the year. Simon Lockwood-Bean scored the only goal for That Red Card Life to prevent the shut out. That Red Card Life seeks to get their first win next week versus Game of Throw In (2-2-1). Suck My Kick has a lot of scoring power. They’re averaging 3 goals per game. Gabe Morcote, Mike Goldberg, and Holly Myer provided some scoring for Suck My Kick in this week’s match. MVW FC (1-4-1) is next up on the schedule for Suck My Kick, as they look to keep it going.


Game of Throw In (2-2-1) vs. Kick in a Box (4-0-1) – Monday, January 07, and 2019

Game of Throw In and Kick in a Box were very evenly matched in this Game and concluded all tied at 3-3. Let’s start with Ben of Game of Throw In who now has the most goals in the league with 11 goals. For Game of Throw In, Ben kicked two goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. David Garcia also kicked one goal for Game of Throw In. Exiting week 5, Game of Throw In will look ahead to That Red Card Life (0-5-0) who is next on the docket. This is Kick in a Box’s first tie this season and they’re currently sitting in first place in the standings. In the tie, Casey Yott, Brandon Johnson, and Andrew Desmarais scored one goal for Kick in a Box.  For Kick in a Box they will go toe to toe with Avocado Discoballs (4-1-0).