FAll 2018 CIBC Monday Coed Intermediate Soccer – Week 4

Game of Throw In (2-2) vs. Mandatory Pitchers (3-2) – Monday, December 17, and 2018

Game of Throw In played well here and blanked Mandatory Pitchers with a final score of 3-0. First shout-out goes to Ben of Game of Throw In who now is in the lead for the scoring title with 9 goals. Ben earned a hat trick this week with three goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. Mandatory Pitchers didn’t have their best stuff in this game and suffered a shutout. Next up for Game of Throw In is a date versus Kick in a Box (4-0-0). Next up for Mandatory Pitchers is a showdown against Avocado Discoballs (3-1-0), as they look to rebound.

Kick in a Box (4-0) vs. Suck My Kick (2-2) – Monday, December 17, and 2018

In this match, Kick in a Box beat Suck My Kick 6-2. Kick in a Box remains undefeated this season and show no signs of slowing down. Sam Meyer and Mary netted two goals each, and Casey Yott and Brandon Johnson netted one goal each. Kick in a Box will seek to stay undefeated next week with a game versus Game of Throw In (2-2-0). Suck My Kick was unable to get rolling on the offensive end in this game, scoring fewer than their average of 3.3 GPG for the year. The losing team still had notable players including Steven Pruim and Mike Goldberg, who kicked one goal each for Suck My Kick. That Red Card Life (0-4-0) is next up on the schedule for Suck My Kick, as they look to get back on track.

Avocado Discoballs (3-1) vs. MVW FC (1-4) – Monday, December 17, and 2018

Avocado Discoballs shut out MVW FC with a final score of just 1-0. MVW FC didn’t have their best stuff in this game and couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. Spoons Deux (2-2-0) is next up on the docket for MVW FC, as they look to get into the winner’s circle. Avocado Discoballs really battled for this game, winning, despite scoring less than their avg. GPG of 2.0. The team’s goalkeeper Greg Rodeck made sure MVW FC would not score. To help earn the club the win, Ben Ritter kicked one goal. Mandatory Pitchers (3-2-0) are next up on the calendar for Avocado Discoballs, as they look to keep it going.

Spoons Deux (2-2) vs. That Red Card Life (0-4) – Monday, December 17, and 2018

Spoons Deux beat That Red Card Life 5-1 in this game. This is the second week in a row Spoons Deux took home the win. Cary Lucibello kicked two goals to steer the crew’s offense. Also providing some scoring was Leul Bezane, Jacob Fishstrom, and Andrew Carpenter with one goal each. Next up for Spoons Deux is a throwdown versus MVW FC (1-4-0). That Red Card Life has had a rough season. It’s week 4 and they’ve only scored a total of 5 goals. Trevor Wolf scored the only goal for That Red Card Life to prevent the shut out. That Red Card Life attempts to put a 1 in the win column next week with a match-up against Suck My Kick (2-2-0).