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May 29, 2006


As president of Chicago Sport and Social Clubs Inc., Jason Erkes, 36, has a surprising hole in his reading list: “I’ve never sat down and read an entire sports magazine or sports section in my life.” The former political reporter remains hooked on news. His list: While still in bed: “Today” on NBC, although Katie Couric’s departure casts a shadow. “She’s part of the fun in the morning.”

I go straight to the gossip and politics and entertainment” in the Sun-Times, including columnists Michael Sneed, Stella Foster and Bill Zwecker. “The Tribune has basically eliminated those (types of) columns.”

Breaking news e-mails from, and “I’m usually shouting out of my office: ‘Hey, did you hear they’re bombing . . .’ wherever. The reporter is still in me.”

“I subscribe to the theory that all politics is local.” Hence: Time Out Chicago, Chicago Scene, Chicago Magazine, CS. He recently started writing a fitness column for Today’s Chicago Woman.

E-mails from touting new consumer tchotchkes: a designer dress, handmade peanut butters, caffeinated lip balm. “It’s geared toward women, but it tells you something new, some style or trend.” “I read stories about what the trends are in e-mail marketing and open-rates and when the best times to contact people are — because pretty much everything we do is e-mail based.”

Books, rarely. “My mind is always going fast, and when I sit down to read a book, I tend to read the same chapter over and over and over again.”

By Dan Weissmann

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