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World’s largest urban adventure to make U.S. debut in Chicago

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August 25, 2007

Chicago Athlete

City Chase, the world’s largest urban adventure, will make its U.S. debut August 25 in Chicago. Teams of two will compete in a series of physical, mental and adventurous challenges for a chance to represent the United States in the 2007 City Chase World Championships in Rome, Italy.

“The City Chase Series offers participants the opportunity to embrace reality TV right in their own backyard,” said event creator, Nick Jelinek of City Chase Inc., a Toronto-based event marketing company. “It’s all about having fun, pushing your comfort zones and getting to know your city in a fun environment.”

City Chase launched in Canada in 2004. Its immense popularity caused it to outgrow the provinces’ borders, expanding into other countries such as Australia and the UK. Jason Erkes, Chicago Sport and Social Club President, decided to partner with the organization and launch the U.S. version of the event in Chicago because of the active-minded nature of the citizens.

“It not only is a great opportunity to test your physical and mental abilities, it’s also a really unique way to get a different look at our city,” Erkes said. “Our city has a ton of people who are looking for something unique and fun to challenge them in their day to day lives. I felt their participation in City Chase could be an extension of that.”

On the day of the event, teams are dispersed in different directions with a CTA pass and a Clue Sheet detailing the challenges they will face. Participants then spend the next four to six hours running, walking or using public transit to navigate their way through a series of ChasePoints scattered in various locations throughout Chicago. ChasePoints will feature a variety of physical, intellectual and humorous challenges, designed to push comfort zones and test Mind, Body and Spirit.

“The winning team does not have to be the most athletic, but will win because they have an unbeatable combination of camaraderie and inventiveness,” Erkes said.

One inventive way the team can complete the required ChasePoints is through the use of technology. From cell phones to GPS systems to the Internet, whatever technology the teammates have at their disposal can propel them past the competition. Participants might also have to rely upon the assistance of family and friends, or even perfect strangers, to help them find and complete their challenges.

For those Chicagoans who aren’t up for participating, there will be volunteer opportunities available. Erkes hopes the success of the Chicago race will inspire City Chase events to roll out in other major US cities in 2008.

To register your team, to sign up to be a volunteer, or simply for more information about City Chase, visit the Web site at or

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