Spring 2019 Wednesday Turf Coed Flag Football – Week 5

3rd and Schlong (4-2) v. Jackie Moons (1-4) – Wednesday, April 24, and 2019 3rd and Schlong crushed Jackie Moons. 3 rd and Schlong put 41 on the board and held Jackie Moons to 12 points.   3rd and Schlong really brought their A game, topping their average of 26.00 points per game. QB Anthony threw…

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Spring 2019 Monday Turf Coed Rec Flag Football – Week 4

Nasty Narwhals (3-1) v. marcus evans (0-3-1) – Monday, April 22, and 2019 As they did earlier in the year, Nasty Narwhals won the rematch between these two groups. The final score of 33-12 reflects the hard work Nasty Narwhals put into every minute of the game.  Nasty Narwhals are the highest-scoring team in the…

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