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Coed Bowling League – 4 on 4 Official Rules

Copyright 2016


Each team will play 3 games per night

Each team is allowed (6) players on a team (MAXIMUM)

4 players play each game


 The first game will begin when both teams have at least 2 people as close to the beginning time as possible. Forfeits will be called at 10 minutes after the start time if a team cannot field a legal team. Teams shall field no more than 4 players on the lane at one time in any given game. Substitutions must check-in with CSSC staff before being allowed to play and sign the waiver form. Only 6 people will be allowed to score for each team. If substitutes are used outside of these six people, they must check-in with CSSC staff.


 Teams must have at least two players to be considered a legal game. They may also never have more than 6 players maximum. Teams may play with any amount of men or women. This is offset and balanced by individual handicaps. If a player(s) is/are absent, their average will be utilized, minus ten pins plus their handicap (should total 190).

Absent Player Example: Jim has an average of 110 (90 HCP) and doesn’t show up. His score will be recorded as – 110 – 10 (pins) = 100. Adding in his 90 handicap his total score each game will be 190.


 Play must be completed within 3 hours.


 All players and teams will receive scratch scores and Handicap scores. Scratch scores are the actual amount of pins that a person knocks down in a given game. A Handicap score consists of the amount of pins knocked down added to the person’s Handicap. A Handicap is figured by taking a person’s average and subtracting that average from 200. A person’s handicap is updated and changed each week after the results from the previous match are talleyed (your hadicap always reflects how you are doing over the course of the entire season). 200 is the Handicap score base used for all bowlers.

Handicap Example: Bowler’s Average = 105; Handicap = 200-105=95

If above bowler bowls a 107, the handicap score is 202 (95 added to pins)

If above bowler bowls a 100, the handicap score is 195 (95 added to pins)

Teams will play against another team for three games each night. Each game of the night will be worth 2 points to the winning team based on total team handicap scoring. The team that wins the series

(combination of all games) will also receive 1 point. There are 7 possible points per night. If two teams have combined handicap scores that tie they will split the 2 points.

If a new player(s) bowls and every other player has a handicap score established, the new player(s) will have theirs computed based on the number of games that they bowled that evening and their handicap will also be added in to the teams overall score.


 Standings will be based on points won for each game played and for each night’s series winner. During the last week of play, teams will be seeded to play the team closest to them in the standings. It is a position week, so any team that is within seven points/wins of the top team will have a chance at winning the league. All other teams are plaing for final positioning. The final week of the league is that playoff/position week and that schedule will be posted after the scores have been recorded for the final week of regular season play.


 All shoes for players have been paid for in advance by Chicago Sport and Social Club (CSSC). CSSC staff members will hand out a shoe ticket for each player to get their shoes. Please make sure to get ticket before attempting to get your shoes.



Each team will play 3 games per week (Only four players bowl each game). Teams will play against the team in the adjacent lane, and will switch lanes each frame. Teams will receive 2 points for each game they win and 1 point for winning the series.


The Chicago Sport & Social Club will provide a staf member on-site to assist players with any problems or questions they may have. There are no referees.


If your team forfeits a match during the season, the following rules apply:

First Offense: Loss of game.

Second Offense: Loss of game and staff reserves the right to remove team from playoffs.

Third Offense: Removal from the league

Any team that forfeits more than once also forfeits any guarantee or right to a certain number of guaranteed games.

If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, we encourage you to call our office, at 312.850.8196, so as to help us schedule your opponent a game.

Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field a full squad (at least minimum players required according to rules). If at that time one team is unable to field a full team, it will be up to the staff and the opposing captain to determine what is allowable.


The updated standings will be posted weekly, displaying each teams rank within its skill level.


All eligible teams make the playoffs (teams that have not abused the reffing or forfeit policies are eligible)

Seeding: Teams are seeded according to points/winning percentage and strength of schedule.

Teams may be dropped from their regular season level based on the above criteria. Teams may be moved to a higher division during the playoffs only if permission is granted.

Skill levels may be divided into separate divisions based upon size of level.

Teams may play more than one match per day, and/or play matches on days/nights other than your regularly scheduled league day/night.

CSSC reserves the right to schedule playoff games on days other than your regularly scheduled league night.

Any questions regarding rules, policies, or eligibility must be addressed before the start of the game.


In order to participate in the league, each participant must sign the team waiver. Waivers are provided and must be completed and handed in no later than the first night of play. Players not present the first week of play will still be required to sign a waiver with our staff before participating.


Any protest made during a playoff game or after a game will NOT be considered a fornmal protest. A formal protest may be filed before a playoff game if an opposing player’s eligibility is in question. The player in question will be required to provide his/her player information (name, address, phone #, signature) in writing to a CSSC staff member prior to the start of the game. This qualifies as an official protest. The game will then be played in its entirety as scheduled. Teams will be notified of all rulings on the identified eligibility discrepancy by the following business day – decisions will not be made on site. If the protest is proven to be legitimate, it will result in the forfeiture of the game in question. Games subsequent to the protested game may be rescheduled.

The above procedure will also apply for any other “logged” protests. All rulings by CSSC staff are considered final. Substitutes are allowed during the regular season, but only roster players are allowed for the playoffs.


The idea of CSSC is to have fun. We hope that all participants keep that in mind when becoming involved. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the league.


To coordinate and run the league, our refs and/or staff will be available at all times to help the league run as smoothly as possible. If you have questions regarding schedules, policies, rule interpretations, directions to the bar, etc. please ask.


Please call our weather hotline for the most up to date information on any cancellations (312.773.7100)

Leagues may be cancelled due to existing weather conditions, dangerous or unplayable field conditions, facility constraints, etc. CSSC staff makes every effort to play all scheduled games, thus we will not cancel games until absolutely necessary. Therefore, if you are calling concerning a decision on a cancellation, remember we will not have an answer until close to the start of the league.

If the league is cancelled, CSSC staff will change the weather hotline immediately. CSSC will then attempt call/text all of the captains. If a league is cancelled on site, CSSC staff will attempt to contact those teams still scheduled to play the remainder of the league day/night. Depending on the time of cancellation, some teams will have to be notified on site. If we do cancel, follow next week’s schedule (ex. If April 13 is cancelled teams should follow the April 20 schedule for their next game). The games that are cancelled will be made up at the end of the season if time allows. In extreme circumstances, CSSC reserves the right to run a shortened season without a refund of schedule matches on days other than our regularly scheduled league day/night. CSSC reserves the right to move games to an alternative location when deemed necessary without recourse or compensation.

PRIZES/ JERSEYS: Each team will receive a pre-bundled set of colored jerseys with various sizes, at the first night of leagues. Additional shirts and sizes can be purchased from the CSSC for an additional charge. The top teams in each division will receive a prize of great emotional, spiritual, and most importantly, social value.

These policies are designed to make the league run as smoothly and safely as possible, and provide continuity for its participants. Each player in the league is responsible for this information: please advise your team of these rules and thanks for playing.

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