Spring 2019 Thursday St. George Men’s Rec Basketball

TeamPlayerTotal Points this SeasonNumber of Games PlayedAverage Points per GameWeek 1 PointsWeek 2 PointsWeek 3 Points               
The ProcessJack Carney62320.7202121
With Our BallsMatt K.61320.4152323
The ProcessMark Blakey55318.4211123
Blue ChipsAtmik Pandya37218.5316
MetadataEric Miller35217.5269
Toon SquadKevin Adams322162012
Yes or YesCJ Ryan31215.5922
With Our BallsEric H.3031013710
Yes or YesTom Herr26213917
Wasted TalentChris Curtin2538.46154
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversDustin Muenchau25212.5187
With Our BallsTim Strauts2512525
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversJosh Meyer243801113
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversNick Davis2337.76125
MetadataTom Riordan22211616
With Our BallsBrian Foote2036.71136
Toon SquadJohn Pearl2036.7767
Wasted TalentNathan Ontrop2036.71613
MetadataNick Griffin1936.4847
The ProcessMax1811818
Blue ChipsVikas Gandhi1829108
MetadataDerrell Wright1635.4826
The ProcessEhizokha Ihionkhan1611616
Yes or YesMark O'Connor1511515
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversTyler Barron1535555
Toon SquadDylan McDonough1434.72120
Toon SquadJack Shea1434.72102
Wasted TalentKurt Rogers1411414
Wasted TalentAndrew Beimford1334.4274
Toon SquadDanny Sarillo1334.41120
The ProcessMark McGee1311313
Yes or YesRobert Devine1311313
Blue ChipsVatsai Pandya1311313
With Our BallsJason Pugh1234426
MetadataKeenan King122666
The ProcessMax Mazzeth1234660
Toon SquadPatrick Klebba1234453
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversJohn Hinz1111111
With Our BallsPeter1111111
MetadataRyan Donk1133.7623
The ProcessEric Silcroft102519
MetadataJacob Caplan102555
The ProcessMichael McHugh102546
Wasted TalentNick Goodsped1025100
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversParker St John1033.4073
Yes or YesSteven Ryan9199
MetadataJim Buswell8188
Yes or YesLouis Baker82462
Wasted TalentMicheal Mahony82408
Blue ChipsRushi Shah8188
Toon SquadSam Mago832.7440
Blue ChipsSumit Gohil8188
Blue ChipsTarpan Patel8188
Toon SquadBen Bradshaw723.570
With Our BallsRichard O'Brien7177
The ProcessMatt Ryan6166
Wasted TalentTimothy Barr62306
Toon SquadTrevor Loew632222
MetadataBrian Aggen42222
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversNate Vangen431.4040
Blue ChipsNilav Pandya42222
MetadataTrevor Jelonek4144
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversDustin Wishmeyer22120
Wasted TalentJohn Coleman22120
With Our BallsMartin2122
Wasted TalentNed McElvain22102
MetadataRoy Rogers2122
MetadataRyan Rogers2122
Blue ChipsSavrut Pandya2122
Wasted Talentbilly mccormick1111
Yes or YesBrian Pollard000
Yes or YesCharles Herr000
Wasted TalentChris Watt000
Purdue Pete's Secret LoversConnor Fitzgerald0100
The ProcessJory Berg0100