Spring 2018 Wed Lincoln Park TURF (May 30th) Coed Rec 8 vs. 8 Outdoor Soccer – Week 1 Recaps

NET SIX AND CHILL (1-0) vs. FourKites (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
NET SIX AND CHILL walloped FourKites 6-1 in this game. Jenna Horton got a hat trick with three goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. Luckily the season is still young and FourKites has plenty of games to go back to the drawing board on the offensive side of the ball. Parker Pedersen scored their only goal to prevent the shut out. INDY Team #5 (0-1-0) are next on the calendar for NET SIX AND CHILL,   while FourKites will face off against Too Faced FC (1-0-0) next.

Too Faced FC (1-0) vs. INDY Team #5 (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Too Faced FC were amazing in this shut out against INDY Team #5 with a final score of 10-0. Carly Comerouski was unstoppable on offense, with 10 goals to guide the team’s attack.  The team hopes to build on this momentum in their upcoming showdown against FourKites (0-1-0).  Even though they lost, INDY Team #5 has plenty of time to practice their offensive skills before play-offs.  Next up for INDY Team #5 is a showdown with NET SIX AND CHILL (1-0-0).

bswift (1-0) vs. The Renewable Machine (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
bswift shut out The Renewable Machine in a tight match with a final score of just 1-0. The club’s goalie, Andrew Solano was a brick wall and ensured The Renewable Machine did not score. Arjun Patel scored the singular goal for the game. INDY Team #8 (1-0-0) are next on the docket for The Renewable Machine, while bswift will meet SCB FC (0-1-0) next.

INDY Team #8 (1-0) vs. SCB FC (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
INDY Team #8 and SCB FC played a nail-biter up to the last minute with a final score of 4-3. Trevor Shaffer scored a hat trick with three goals to spearhead the team’s attack. Trevor and INDY Team #8 hope to ride their momentum into their upcoming match against The Renewable Machine (0-1-0). The losing team still had notable players including Paul Fatkins, who tallied one goal for SCB FC.  Next up for SCB FC is a pairing with bswift (1-0-0).

Shots On You (1-0) vs. bswaggy (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
bswaggy forfeited and handed a free win to Shots On You in this match-up. This forfeit was bswaggy’s first loss of the season.  Next up for bswaggy is a showdown with Straight Shooters (1-0-0).   Next up is a matchup against Viator Naysh (1-0-0).

Straight Shooters (1-0) vs. ShipBob FC (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Straight Shooters beat ShipBob FC 6-2 in this game. The season is still young, and ShipBob FC has plenty of weeks to pick it up on offense. Frank Codispoti was the star player for ShipBob FC this week, tallying both of the team’s two goals. Next up for ShipBob FC is a Game against Balls Deep (0-1-0). For the Straight Shooters, Aven Harper carried the team scoring a hat trick with four goals to guide the group’s offense.  Next up is a battle against bswaggy (0-1-0).

Viator Naysh (1-0) vs. Balls Deep (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
In this exciting match, Viator Naysh beat Balls Deep 3-1. Though the suffered a tough loss, Balls Deep has plenty of opportunity to go back to the drawing board on the offensive end. Allie scored the only goal for Balls Deep preventing, the shut out. For Viator Naysh, Danny Loizzi lasered in two goals to help earn the group the W, and was assisted with one goal from Andrew Bertagna.  They hope to continue this positive momentum in their upcoming match against Shots On You (1-0-0).

TBOS FC (1-0) vs. Kick Grass (0-1) – Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Kick Grass forfeited and handed a free win to TBOS FC for this game. This forfeit was Kick Grass’s first loss of the season.  NET SIX AND CHILL are next on the schedule for Kick Grass, while INDY Team #5 are next on the docket for TBOS FC.