BMCD Chicago (2-2) vs. INDY Team #6 (1-3) – Thursday, May 03, 2018

BMCD Chicago beat INDY Team #6 3-1 in this game. INDY Team #6 really struggled to get it going in terms of scoring in this game, scoring less than their average of 2.0 goals per game for the season. Abby Jambor scored the only goal for INDY Team #6 to get her team on the board.  Straight Shooters (4-0-0) is next up on the schedule for INDY Team #6, as they look to rebound. BMCD Chicago stepped up on D in this one, beating their season goals against average of 2.8 GPG.  Jose R Gordillo scored two goals to lead the team’s attack. Nel also scored one goal for BMCD Chicago. Wildcats (2-2-0) are next up on the schedule for BMCD Chicago, as they look to keep it going.


Straight Shooters (4-0) vs. 50% Single (3-1) – Thursday, May 03, 2018

Straight Shooters beat 50% Single 6-3 in this game. This is 50% Single’s first loss of the season. Gabriel Millan was the star player for 50% Single this week. He scored both goals for them. Straight Shooters are playing an amazing offensive season. They’re averaging 6 goals per game. Christopher Harper scored a hat trick with five goals to help get the team the win. Matt McKenna also scored one goal for Straight Shooters. Next up for 50% Single is a showdown against SEAL Team Ricks (0-4-0), as they look to get into the winner’s circle.  Next week, Straight Shooters seeks to stay perfect with a showdown against INDY Team #6 (1-3-0).


Wildcats (2-2) vs. SEAL Team Ricks (0-4) – Thursday, May 03, 2018

Wildcats put on a show on both sides of the pitch against SEAL Team Ricks with a final score of 2-0. SEAL Team Ricks struggled to get it going on the offensive end in this game and failed to make it onto the scoreboard. Wildcats really buckled down in this one, prevailing, despite scoring less than their avg. goals per game of 2.3.  Their goalkeeper Ryan Svoboda played very well in the clean sheet. Rudra Vishweshwar scored two goals.  SEAL Team Ricks will look to get off the schneid next week with a match-up against 50% Single (3-1-0).  Next up for Wildcats is a Game against BMCD Chicago (2-2-0).