Spring 2018 Fri Lincoln Park TURF (June 22nd) Coed Rec 8 vs. 8 Outdoor Soccer-Wk 3 Recaps

Chicago Chubs (3-0) vs. IoTeamwork (1-2) – Friday, July 6, and 2018
As was the case earlier this season, Chicago Chubs won the rematch against IoTeamwork. This game finished with a final score of 6-0. INDY Team #4 are next up on the schedule for IoTeamwork, as they look to get into the winner’s circle. Chicago Chubs continued their winning streak this week and are officially on fire. Sam Schlesinger got a hat trick with three goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. Next week, Chicago Chubs face off against INDY Team #2 in an attempt to stay unbeaten.

INDY Team #4 (1-0) vs. INDY Team #2 (1-2) – Friday, July 6, and 2018
Earning their first win of the season, INDY Team #4 beat INDY Team #2 5-1. Ismael Delgado kicked two goals and earned the most tallies on the scoresheet. On Friday, INDY Team #4 faces off against IoTeamwork as they attempt to stay undefeated. Robert Rucker scored the only goal for INDY Team #2 to get their team on the board. Next up for INDY Team #2 is a battle against Chicago Chubs, as they attempt to rebound.