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Volleyball (Indoor)

Spring 2020 Mon Pritzker School Coed Upper Intermediate 4's Indoor Volleyball (6 Weeks)

Start Date Apr 6, 2020
Game Times 6:30PM - 10:30PM
Day of the Week Mon
Location Pritzker School
Gender Coed
Division Upper Intermediate
Format 4 v 4
Neighborhood Wicker Park/Bucktown


Coed Upper Intermediate 6's Indoor Volleyball

  • 8 Matches Guaranteed: 7 Matches in the Regular Season plus Single Elimination Playoffs 
  • Each Match Consists of 3 Sets to 25 (win by 2 - capped at 27); If the third set has yet to
    start, and has only 10 minutes remaining in the hour, the third may be played to 15 (cap at 17).
  • Team Jerseys Provided at Your First Game
    • Pre-Bundled Set: 2S, 3M, 2L, 1XL (no exchanges)
  • Indoor Volleyball League Administration Including Online Schedule and Standings
  • Indoor Volleyball League Equipment
  • On-Site Manager & Court Monitors
  • Post-Game Specials at Sponsor Bar
  • Championship Shirts for Indoor Volleyball League Winners


Captains, reserve your team spot for 25% down. You have 14 days to pay the balance.

Players, if you are on a team in this indoor volleyball league, but not showing up on the roster, click Join Existing Team. Only request to join a team you are sure you belong to. Your captain will receive a notification when you request to join the team, and when they accept your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

Connect with other players or teams to form a full roster by using our Indoor Volleyball Facebook Group.

Updated: 2020-02-24 03:55:02