Red Bull City Clinch

Red Bull City Clinch

Deeply rooted in Chicago lives the story of 16” Softball. For the third year, Red Bull City Clinch will pit 12 league champions from across Chicago in a Tournament of Champions. Who will reign supreme? Red Bull City Clinch is the premier tournament for the Chicago Sport and Social Club's Spring and Summer 16” Softball Leagues.

With the Chicago Sport and Social Club, Red Bull City Clinch has claimed the title as the premier tournament of champions for Chicago 16” Softball. Teams can qualify by winning one of our designated spring and summer leagues. This will allow an opportunity to clinch the title and be named the top 16" Softball team in Chicago (until next year of course when it goes up for grabs yet again).  When you sign up for a designated spring or summer CSSC 16” softball league, all you have to do is take the top spot in your league and you’re in the tournament.

Think your team has what it takes to be the Red Bull City Clinch champions?

When: August 25, 2018
Where: 16" Softball Hall of Fame (7501 Harrison St., Forest Park, IL 60130)
What: Red Bull City Clinch

What’s in it for the teams: There’s no added cost to participate in the tournament of champions – plus in typical Red Bull fashion they will be supplying your team with custom attire and a Chicago style Red Bull experience that you will never forget!

Here’s a list of current Northside/Southside Red Bull City Clinch fields*
(*Locations subject to change based on weather or park improvement projects)


North Side South Side
Lincoln Park South Grant Park
Oz/Jonquil Park Lakeshore Park
Revere Park Seward Park
Walter Payton/Franklin School Sheridan Park
Waveland Park UIC Flames Field
Welles Park Union Park
Wrightwood Park

Teams pay only for their 16” Softball Leagues. Once you win your designated Red Bull City Clinch league, you will qualify for this Tournament. Your entry and participation in the Tournament of champions is free.


Team : $955 - $1275

Individual : $95 - $105